Курсы для преподавателей (For EFL Teachers) в СПБ
  • Курсы для преподавателей (For EFL Teachers)

Курсы для преподавателей (For EFL Teachers) в СПБ

LEXICA Centre of European Languages is pleased to offer a new Teaching English as a Foreign Language course – the LEXICA TEFL Express Course.

The course has been developed both for practicing teachers and for those who are looking to start a career in teaching.   The TEFL Express course is particularly useful for Russian teachers of English, as it covers practical aspects of the Communicative Approach – the most popular and effective method of teaching English worldwide.

Our instructors are experienced EFL teachers who have taught in Russia and around the world; they’re happy to share their knowledge with you!

LEXICA TEFL Express course programme:

Day 1

TEFL approaches and methods. Communicative Approach.

Lesson planning. Classroom management.

Day 2

Teaching grammar from context.

Teaching vocabulary. Concept checking.

Day 3

Teaching exam classes.

Teaching speaking and writing.

Day 4

Teaching Young Learners and Teens.

Multiple intelligence.

Day 5

Choosing and using teaching resources.

Ideas for every classroom

Each day includes 4 academic hours of instruction.


The opportunity to observe one teacher of your choice from LEXICA Centre

+ Free attendance of one teacher-training seminar of your choice for LEXICA teachers

The cost of the course: 7500 rub.