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There is no better way to immerse yourself in a language and culture than by living with a local family!

Cost from: 25 euro per day.

The families that we work with have all been thoroughly vetted: we have been working with the same families for years, and students only ever have the most positive things to say about them.

You will live in the historical center of Saint Petersburg, close to our school. This will allow you to walk to class, taking in all the majesty of Saint Petersburg mornings. If you so choose, you may also get to school on inexpensive public transport.

Regarding meals, you may choose to have only breakfast or breakfast and dinner with your host family. Take some time to think about this choice, as sitting around the dinner table and conversing with a Russian family is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

Homestay families will speak with you only in Russian. Good luck!


Comfort and independence.

Cost from:30 euro per day.

The real estate agency that Lexica works with has a vast number of flats to choose from. Once we receive your form with your living arrangement preferences, we will contact our agency and find the best options for you in or around the center of Saint Petersburg. The choice is yours!

You can view some of the possible options here.



If you are travelling with friends, this option is for you!

Cost from: 10 euro per day.

Living in a hostel, you will be able to save money to put towards travelling and adventures! Dare to do more! {by mentioning saving money, we might be encouraging students to choose this option, whether that be good, bad, or neutral}

You can choose from one of the hostels that we typically recommend to students, or we can help you find a different one.

 Hostel   Location   Cost

Sweet Village Hostel

Ligovskii pr., d. 87

Directions from school

10 Euro per night



Ul. Marata, d. 33

Directions from school
12 Euro per night


Zagorodnii pr., d. 21-23

Directions from school
15 Euro per night


Live the high life! 

Cost from: 25 euro per day.


The incredible hotels of Saint Petersburg are sure to delight even the most spoiled tourist! There are hotels in beautiful architectural monuments, there are modern chain hotels, there are massive, luxurious hotels, and there are cozy mini-hotels! The choice is yours!

Below we have listed a few hotels where you may reserve a room through our school.


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