Chat Tour 2: Cultural Norms in the US

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22 июня уже стартует второй курс Chat Tour. Наш учитель Энни рассказала о своей теме "Cultural Norms in the US". 

- Почему ты выбрала именно эту тему?

I really like culture in general, and I think there are a lot of small nuances that I tell my friends about all the time - so I'm sure it would be useful for those planning to go to the US or have questions about our customs!- По каким американским традициям ты скучаешь, находясь в России? Что из этого обязательно бы понравилось жителю России, по-твоему?

- По каким американским традициям ты скучаешь, находясь в России? Что из этого обязательно бы понравилось жителю России, по-твоему?

A few things: I desperately miss diners - I'll explain what those are in the lesson, for those unaware! I also do enjoy the smiles and "small-talk" (relating to your fellow man) prevalent in the US, and in general - CONVENIENCE! I'll also explain "convenience" in the lesson - but if you can make anything convenient for an American, they'll love you forever. It rules our lives. And I think its something that would certainly be liked by Russians, as well as any human being

- Зачем ученикам нужно обязательно участвовать в разговорных клубах?

Speaking clubs are possibly the most important thing you can do! Not only can you train your ears and learn to focus for long periods of time in an all-English environment, but if you can overcome your fears of speaking and just speak freely, your brain (and the language part of it) simply adores it! It honestly feeds your brain - and I say this as someone who studies both Russian and German - and my speaking skills are moderately better in Russian, despite being more familiar with German, precisely because I have been forced to speak Russian far more than German. It's hugely beneficial to speak - and thankfully, most English speakers are very nice to foreign-language speakers, and even with poor grammar or mistakes - English speakers can understand fairly well (if they are smart 

- Что интересного ты приготовила по этой теме для учеников?

Expect to learn about American culture, think about any questions or stereotypes you have, and be prepared to speak! I call on everyone by name to speak - so just let loose and don't worry - I just want you accessing that language center of your brain and utilizing what you have!  

- Разговорный клуб в формате онлайн - это хорошо?

ABSOLUTELY! I've been teaching English online for more than 3 years, and I actually find it more productive - you really have to speak and use what you know! And of course, in this period where it's difficult to meet in person, and moreso unsafe, online is our best option! If we can bank online, why can't we speak online? 

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