Chat Tour 2: British food

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Старт курса Chat Tour 2 намечен на 22 июня. Наш учитель Кэтрин рассказала о своей теме "Британская еда". 

- Можно ли приготовить настоящий английский завтрак из русских продуктов? (вопрос-шутка))

But of course! It might taste a little different, but the main ingredients will be there. However, Russian sausage doesn’t have a patch on British!

- Какое английское блюдо нравится именно вам?

This is difficult to answer! I’d say that my favourite savoury dish is Shepherd's Pie, but a sweet dish? Oh, there are WAY too many! You’ll just have to join the tour to find out what we offer as a nation…

- Какие есть традиции этикета за обеденным столом есть только у англичан? 

I think our general etiquette is similar to everyone else’s – we use cutlery and general kitchen appliances, we sit at the table and eat with our mouths shut, which is basic table etiquette.

One thing which might surprise some cultures is that we put our knife and fork parallel together when we’ve finished eating, and some people poke their little fingers out when drinking tea or wine, which is apparently very British. Also, in restaurants, our food always arrives together and in order (a starter, then the main course) and is only taken away when everybody at the table has finished eating, which is in big contrast to the Russian restaurants that I’ve experienced!

In addition, the very wealthy (like the Queen or the landed gentry) will traditionally have a lot of different cutlery at their table – for example, a soup spoon, a bread knife, a dessert spoon, a cake fork, different glasses for drinking different wines and water, a salad plate as well as a main plate…the list goes on. Nobody normal does this now, though!

- Что интересного вы приготовили по этой теме для учеников? 

Well, hopefully the whole lesson will be interesting! There will be a number of partner-based creative speaking activities, some conversation-like and others more game-like, along with some visuals and a real-life British teacher, so hopefully it’ll be an exciting opportunity to learn about British food from a real-life source, as it is often considered ‘non-existent’!

- Разговорный клуб онлайн - это хорошо? 

Online clubs definitely have their merits. Materials can be shared more easily and on a more equal basis by both students and teachers, and it's much more convenient for everyone involved - you can sit comfortably wherever you are. You can still play games, still interact properly and still meet new people, and if a lesson takes a surprise turn down a different route, or you need to go over something from a previous lesson again, it can be done more easily and with less disruption. Plus, students can get a drink and have a snack immediately afterwards without even leaving your front door!

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